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Shipping info:

We deliver worldwide ♡

The shipping fee is 3,90€.

Delivery time:

5-10 working days.

Materials & Manufacturing process:

All our earrings are produced with PMMA (acrylic glass). The extra components are made of stainless steel. The waste of our main material is recycled and reused for a future product you'll see very soon.

Made in Spain & UK © 


We are very open to collaborate with other brands, artists or designers. If you're interested on a colab with us, feel free to give us a ring ♡.



PicosPardos Shop, Madrid

Faraday Café, Madrid

Parda Shop, Madrid

Atorie Shop, Tenerife

Dicky Morgan, Tenerife


Heim Bryggen, Bergen


Tenir Shop, Gyeonggi

For further information:

✉ allears.design@gmail.com

☏ +34 616 901 055 / +34 615 653 185 

☞ @all___ears